About Us

Scott Huyge began Sta-Dry Roofing in November 1983 after recognizing a need for a commercial roofing company that customizes roofing solutions to fit client’s needs. Since then, he’s built a team of experts in commercial roofing with a dedication to high quality work and customer service.

Unlike competitors who ignore the smaller clients in hopes to get big jobs, Sta-Dry Roofing works with clients of any size. From large industrial corporations utilizing a consultant to small businesses with only one or two roofs restored, our team will work with you to find the right roofing product for your needs.

Why Choose Sta-Dry Roofing?

  • Quality workmanship
  • Water-tight roofing systems
  • Reliable and certified team
  • Minimal tenant inconvenience
  • Sensitive to client specific needs
  • Finish projects on time and on budget
  • High level of supervision & safety protocols
  • Stringent safety policy – audited regularly
  • Work with clients of all sizes
  • Certified installations
  • Rapid response time

Our Process

Sta-Dry’s ability to think “outside the box” allows us to customize the roofing experience to fit each client’s needs. Below is the general flow of how a roofing project comes to fruition:

  • Estimating: Our customers request a quote to have their roof upgraded either per a consultant’s specifications or the roofing system manufactures’. The project is then assigned to a project manager / estimator which ultimately stays with the project throughout the entire process. After conducting a thorough take-off, verifying measurements and existing conditions, the project is estimated and a formal proposal to upgrade the system is forward to the owner.
  • Pre-construction: Upon award of a roofing project, a project manager schedules a pre-construction meeting, involving the building owner, the building owner’s representative, all facility tenants involved and the Sta-Dry Roofing project management team. This is when everyone involved receives information regarding the project and what their expectations should be. Items discussed, but not limited to, include: daily communication for all parties involved, safety practices housekeeping, staging and scheduling.
  • Project Start-Up: Leading up to the actual start date, the project manager communicates regularly with all parties involved keeping everyone abreast of any changes due to unforeseen delays. Prior to crew mobilization, a superintendent is assigned to the project and arrives with the foreman and crew to safely stage the project. Staging involves erecting all safety equipment to the roof and to securely protect any roof hazards, the ladder access zone and perimeter warning lines. Also during the staging process, all required project equipment is received on-site and set-up as needed. Once the project is completely staged, the crews then receive material and load onto the roof by distributing throughout the work zone area and immediately protect it from the elements.
  • Daily Field Operations: Our superintendent communicates daily with everyone involved with the project, including building tenants and the project manager. The project manager communicates by sharing daily updates to everyone involved with production updates and target completion schedules.
  • Project Close-Out: The management team performs a thorough quality inspection of the newly installed roofing system prior to the manufacturers and the consultant’s inspections. Any punch list items are immediately address and corrected now. Once all inspections have been completed, the project manager submits all close-out documents, including the contractor and manufacturer warranties.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Following a roofing project, Sta-Dry offers roof asset management and scheduled maintenance to ensure that the roof is performing up to standards.

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We support a variety of industries, big or small, to provide custom roofing solutions. Contact us today to get started. Whatever your need, we’ll return your call.